The Femi-Lift

A woman’s vaginal area contributes to her sense of femininity. Any issues that affect this most private area can either give her confidence in intimate situations or make her feel quite uncomfortable. Labial rejuvenation helps with the common problems that women face today.

For women who wish to obtain labioplasty while avoiding surgery, we offer the Femi-Lift. The Femi-Lift is a safe and comfortable way to treat the labia and surrounding area, for enlarged labia and laxity of the surrounding skin tissue. Using our new, state of the art radiofrequency device, get the results of traditional labioplasty, without the risks of surgery and associated downtime.  

Catherine Awad, Nurse Practitioner is our expert who will perform this procedure. She is experienced in women’s health from a primary care perspective, which makes her an excellent choice for anyone interested in this procedure. She will do a full consultation and discuss your options for treatment.  

Please contact the clinic or use the online portal to book your free consultation. 
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