Online Booking

You have reached our preferred booking option: online, available 24/7. With ease of access to compare to your schedule, you can book yourself online and receive email notifications for additional communication, forms, etc. You may also change or cancel your appointment online independently. 

It is important that you verify your email address, as it's required to enter the site, book and receive additional information about your appointment. 

Awad Medical Aesthetics & Wellness is owned and operated by Cathy Awad, Nurse Practitioner. Several trained and qualified associates (nurse injectors) work at the clinic, under their own independent practice and offer similar services.  Our associates are free to choose from the service menu at your leisure. Not all associates offer the same services, so if you find that an appointment type is not available, please choose another associate. If for some reason during your free consultation, your associate does not offer a particular treatment, they will direct to book with another qualified associate.

Please pick your location (Tecumseh or LaSalle), choose your aesthetic practitioner, appointment type and time. 

Not sure what to book? New client? Please book a free new treatment consultation.

You will receive an email confirmation and forms. Please ensure all information is filled to the best of your ability, in order to manage your appointment and time appropriately. 

Our system has smart booking, which means, if you do see an appointment time for one type of appointment, it does not mean it is available for any type of appointment. Rooms or devices or resources may be time or practitioner dependent and not always available interchangeably. 

We do have a wait list option online if you do not see your preferred appointment time. Simply add your name with the dates and times that work for you. Your email will be key in this experience as you will be notified on a first come, first served basis electronically via the system. You will be given a 4 hour window for booking. Alternatively, if an associate sees a space for you, they will book you and you will receive an email notification. We will call with short notices to see if your request can be accommodated. 

We hope you enjoy your online booking experience!