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What Is Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is a technique utilizing injections of a prescription medication into spider veins. The use of a sclerosing agent causes the vessel lining to become sticky and the two sides adhere to each other. This coming together of the vessel lining is further promoted through the use of external compression. The combination of the procedure and the recommendations following the treatment causes the blood supply to the specific vessel to be reduced significantly/completely. As a result of the vessel not receiving this blood supply the vessel is reabsorbed into the system through the healing process and the vein disappears in the weeks to come. 

When should sclerotherapy be considered? 

This treatment is recommended to patients that have symptomatic varicosities and/or cosmetic spider veins.

What are the advantages of sclerotherapy? 

Using the sclerotherapy technique the treatment takes approximately 45-60 minutes. The treatment is performed in the office, and requires no time off from work. To compare, surgical treatments (ligation or stripping) are necessary under certain situations. Accompanying surgical treatments can be unsightly, painful scars, and time off from work.

What can be expected from sclerotherapy? 

Sclerotherapy can dramatically the appearance of spider veins. Symptoms resulting from distended veins should disappear. As this treatment involves injections there is the potential for minor local inflammation to occur; usually discomfort is minimal. Bruising may last 3-4 weeks and brownish staining may occasionally last a few months.

Support/compression stockings are recommended for 30 days following treatment.

Serious but rare complications include phlebitis, infection, allergic reaction and skin ulcers. All of which will be discussed in your consultation/assessment prior to treatment. 

Who performs sclerotherapy at Awad Medical?

Sclerotherapy assessments and treatments are performed by Cathy Awad, Nurse Practitioner. She is certified and trained specifically for this treatment, amongst other therapies at Awad Medical. 

How to prepare for sclerotherapy?

Before Treatment: 

  • Avoid taking Aspirin and other anti-inflammatory medications for 10 days prior to treatment (this will reduce the amount of bruising that may result from the treatment). Ask you Practitioner. 

  • * Disregard this recommendation if you are taking a small dose Aspirin at the recommendation of your physician for cardiovascular health. 


The Day of Treatment: 

  • Avoid waxing or shaving your legs. 

  • Avoid using skin creams on your legs the day of treatment. 

  • Bring support/compression stockings to wear after the treatment. Or add a fitting request to your appointment. 

  • Eat regular meals through the day. Ensure adequate hydration.

  • Bring shorts or wide leg pants or a skirt to wear during treatment, if you prefer.

After Sclerotherapy Treatment:

  • Wear support/compression hose immediately and daily for 5-7 days (do not wear the stockings to bed)** Available by Rx at Awad Medical - discussed in consultation (see below).

  • Walk for 10 minutes immediately following the procedure.

  • Remove the cotton balls in 2 hours Avoid strenuous activity (aerobics) for the first 48 hours (avoiding this will lessen the bruising). Showers are fine but avoid baths for 2 weeks.

  • If your legs become painful after injections walk for 30 minutes, elevate, and/or apply ice

  • No tanning for 5 days (if outdoors use sunscreen to avoid a striped tan where the tapes have been).

  • Call us if a rash, hives, inflammation or any other concerns develop.

  • *Currently we are only treating spider veins and small varicose veins.

Need compression stockings? No problem! 

We can also accomodate the prescribing and purchase of compression garments/stockings for other conditions - just ask for an assessment. 

We have a certified fitter onsite and are a dealer of: SIGVARIS compression stockings.

  • A prescription may be provided to you, based on the Nurse Practitioner's assessment. 

  • If you choose, you may use your prescription at Awad Medical, and get fitted for compression stockings on site, at your treatment. These services are also offered virtually, online via our private and secure videoconferencing platform.

  • Many 3rd party insurance companies cover the cost of your compression stockings. It's best for you to call in advance to ensure coverage prior to purchasing your stockings. 

  • A prescription and receipt will be provided to you regardless that can be used with your insurance company. As well, some extra health expenses can be claimed on your taxes, a receipt will be provided. 

  • We have provider connect for Green Shield clients, for direct billing. As well, we can check your insurance coverage with e-Telus Health solutions for other insurances.

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