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Lash Serums - Get longer, darker and fuller lashes!

Revive 7
This special formulation is made with essential natural peptides, vitamins and botanicals!
Eyelashes get longer, darker and fuller - on average within 1-2 weeks.
Stimulates, strengthens and replenishes lash and brow growth (where applied) by activating the
dormant hair follicle germ tissue. It helps repair damage to your eyelashes and eye brows caused
by environmental factors or harsh cosmetics.
One 3 mL bottle with last you up to 6 months.
Does not contain bimatoprost or latanoprost - commonly found in other lash or brow products
which darkens eyelids and can change the colour of the yes.
Contains antibacterial and anti-fungal agents in the formula!


LatisseRx is a prescription product that helps lashes grow longer and lusher.
Appointment needed (new treatment consultation). No walk-ins for pick up as this is a Rx formulation. 

Contact the clinic via email for more information. 

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Long Lashes
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