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Menopause Health 

Awad Medical Aesthetics & Wellness has revolutionized women's wellness with highly effective treatments that are minimally invasive and positively impacts women's health. We offer full menopause services: assessments, laboratory services, female pelvic exams (PAP), prescription and non-prescription treatments. 

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In the healthcare field, little focus is placed on women's health specifically.  Approximatly 70% of women experience menopausal symptoms, yet only 7% seek care. Why? Many ideologies can explain the phenomenon with embarrassment, lack of knowledge and education and even shame being the top responses. We are changing the landscape of accessing up to date, reliable, evidence-based health concepts directed towards the gaps and inequities women experience. This means women no longer need to suffer in silence.

Awad Medical Aesthetics & Wellness expanded is the premier clinic in Southwestern Ontario, Canada offering these speciality services.  Whether you have a primary care provider or not, you can access these services independently. 

Candidacy and treatment plans are developed via a personalized, custom consultation.




Empower RF: non-surgical energy based treatments (see Women's Wellness page)




Tone -  abdomen (diastasis recti)

Pelvic Floor Assessment & Therapy Recommendations

MHT (Menopause Hormone Therapy) 

*prescription and non-prescription therapy

** covered by regular insurance in most cases

Laboratory services *OHIP covered

Vaginal/pelvic examinations (PAP) *OHIP covered

O-G Shot Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections to increase vaginal and sexual function

Collagen Nutrient Supplements

*OHIP covered where applicable for residents with coverage. 3rd party insurance coverage for those with coverage (ie: Green Shield, Sun Life, Manulife, other extended health care benefits). 


If you are looking for help and support - we are here!


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