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Laser Hair Removal Services  

Laser Body Hair Removal done with DiolazeTM technology by InMode

Using a high-speed laser that safely and gently eliminates unwanted hair on all skin types.

The device has a built-in skin cooling surface making this treatment more comfortable than other laser machines.

DiolazeTM laser hair removal impacts the root of the problem, as opposed to only offering a temporary solution.

DiolazeTM only requires a few sessions. In person consultation needed for candidacy. Treatment results vary.


What Are the Benefits of Diolaze XL™?

Although hair removal methods such as waxing and shaving might be cheaper, in the long run, you will see more benefits save more money with Diolaze XL laser hair removal. The benefits include:

  • It’s quick!Depending on which area you choose, you will only need 15-20 minutes to complete most sessions. This process eliminates your hair, causing it to grow back at a much slower pace as it destroys the hair follicles.

  • It’s safe! The new Diolaze XL™ is the “gold standard” of laser hair removal devices. Although it’s one of the most powerful laser hair treatments available, it has several built-in safety mechanisms to avoid any damage to your skin and effectively rid your body of any unwanted hair.

  • No more ingrown hair! While common in waxing, threading, and shaving, annoying ingrown hairs are avoided with this laser hair removal treatment. It can also treat existing ingrown hairs which makes it a fantastic choice for those prone to this uncomfortable condition.

How Quickly Will I See Results From Diolaze XL™?

Diolaze XL immediately destroys hair follicles after your very first treatment. You can expect to see consistent long term results after just a few sessions of this laser hair removal treatment. Improvement to the skin’s texture and smoothness will be noticed as well.

For optimal results, clients are recommended to purchase an treatment package for faster reduction of hair growth and hair-free skin. Our Diolaze XL™ treatment experts will provide you with professional advice on how many sessions you might need in order to achieve optimal results.

What Is the Downtime for Diolaze XL™?

Fortunately for those always on the move, Diolaze XL™ has no required downtime! That means you can drop in for a treatment session and then head back to work or running errands immediately after. In rare cases, it’s possible to experience slight redness of the treated area. This will usually resolve itself in about 24-48 hours.

However, there are a few aftercare instructions to keep in mind after a laser hair removal treatment, including:

  • Avoid direct sun exposure or artificial sun/tanning (2 weeks).

  • Make it a habit to use sunblock (2 weeks).

  • Always moisturize your skin.

Our skin care experts will make sure that you are aware of all aftercare instructions prior to undergoing your first Diolaze XL™ treatment.




How Permanent is Laser Hair Removal?

Because we cannot guarantee 100% permanent hair removal, due to natural aging or hormonal changes, we say laser hair removal is the closest solution to permanently getting rid of pesky, unwanted hair. It damages the hair follicles in order to impede how quickly hair grows back and lessen its density.

How Many Diolaze XL™ Laser Hair Removal Sessions Do You Need?

Individual results with Diolaze XL™ laser hair removal will vary depending on the individual however, a 6-8 treatment pack is recommended depending on the treatment area. Our skin experts will provide guidance in the ideal number of sessions to fully enjoy the results of smooth and hairless skin.

How Do You Prepare for Laser Hair Removal?

To prepare for your Diolaze XL™ laser hair removal treatment, make sure that you’ve showered and removed traces of oils, fragrances, creams, serums, and lotion from your body. Temporarily avoid waxing and simply shave the areas (hint: use a bikini trimmer device on delicate areas) within 24 hours before the treatment. Sun exposure and UV tanning beds are also discouraged before your laser hair removal treatment.

What Happens If You Don’t Shave Before Laser Hair Removal?

Shaving before your Diolaze XL™ Laser Hair Removal Treatment is100% necessary. Because the laser attacks hair follicles, if you haven’t shaved, any area where you intend to have the laser hair removal treatment might burn the hairs like a wick causing pain. This makes shaving your hair a crucial preparation before the treatment.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Laser Hair Removal?

Diolaze XL™ is one of the most advanced and effective laser hair removal systems, making it ideal for clients of all skin types from dark to light. Unfortunately, because the Diolaze XL™ laser focuses on hair pigmentation (like all other hair removal systems in the market) those with white hair (and some light blondes - although possible for some) may not be able to achieve results.

Book a FREE consultation to ask about candidacy and pricing! Go to BOOKING for our online booking portal!

Packages and promos are limited to the set terms and conditions of the particular promo. Full body laser hair removal packages and unlimited are capped at 6 sessions per year per stated area with no changes or add ons once treatment is started. Sessions are booked in accordance to your practitioner's recommendations and hair growth on average between 4-15 weeks apart. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure appointments are done in a timely manner, following all rules of sun protection. If appointments fall outside of the recommendations, no guarantees related to treatment outcomes can be given. 



































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