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Cosmetic Injections

Wrinkle, Fine Lines, Volume Loss, Skin Laxity & Texture Irregularities

Wrinkles are an inevitable part of life. We offer treatments that can help tackle these lines.

We specialize in:
  • cosmetic injectables
We provide an array of injectables that may suit your needs!
But that's not all (it takes - so we offer more)!!!
  • energy based devices
  • custom medical-based face treatments
  • medical-grade skin care 
  • medical-grade home care programs
... all evidence based, Heatlh Canada approved and professionally delivered!
Our qualified, regulated health care specialists are best suited to give you advice on what treatment will work best for you.
Get in touch to arrange a consultation with any of our associates - consultations are always complimentary.
Feel free to 'book yourself online' the most preferred way for clients to book; under NEW TREATMENT CONSULTATION.
You will be asked to fill out forms that include:
Your first and last name
Telephone number
Email address
Date of birth
Emergency contact information 
The above information is necessary in order to conduct your treatment plan, as we treat this as a medical appointment. All of our services are health care professional supported, by nurses (RPN, RN and NP). Our appointments are private in nature and offered in accordance with the Privacy and Health Protection Act of Canada. 
Email is VIP! 
We often communicate via email for the majority of our correspondence. Our system uses a private and secure database to communicate with you. All pertinent appointment data should be filled prior to your appointment. All pre-post treatment information
is also sent via email. 
Please use the BOOK NOW link to book online. If you don't see an appointment, the slot is booked. Please note, 
our clinics have several associates that work independently of Awad Medical Aesthetics & Wellness, while under the 
same roof, not all associates offer the same services.  All services are authorized and overseen by Catherine Awad, 
Nurse Practitioner, the clinic's Medical Director aka Authorizer of Nursing Aesthetic Procedures within our clinics.
If you prefer to call the clinic and leave a message with your request.
Flawless Skin
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