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Pricing: Effective Jan 9, 2023


*Pricing is an estimate as some variances will occur. Packages available for all treatments and discussed at time of your free consultation.  Please note that these treatments require prior consultation to ensure proper application and safety as many are treatment focused, with the exception of OxyGeneo facials.


Laser hair removal: see pricing guide under laser hair removal web page.


IPL  Intense Pulsed Light

IPL spot treatment:  2.5cm diameter section $69; second spot: add on $35

IPL face $279; add on neck: $79; add on chest $79

IPL neck only: $239; add on chest $79

IPL chest only: $239; add on chest $79

IPL arms only (elbow to wrist): $239; add on hands $35; add up upper arms/shoulder: $35

IPL legs upper $239; add on lower legs: $99; add on feet: $35

IPL hands only: $199

IPL spider veins: per 2” diameter patch: $79; add on spot $25 per 2” area otherwise IPL legs pricing


Morpheus8/Morpheus8 Body (face, neck, chest, body). Priced at time of consultation. Price starts at $700


BodyFx: Skin Tightening, Body Contouring and Fat/Cellulite Reduction

BodyFx: $99/hand surface area per session  10-15 min session

Package deal: POWER PLUS 4 sessions – quoted based on surface area treated


OxyGeneo: 3-in-1 Super Facial (add ons available)

OxyGeneo: $189 any premium  Add on ultrasound: $50, add on RF face $100. Face + neck: $129  

TriPollar face; $159:  face+neck: $189;  eye/decollette only $75;  neck only $129



Cosmetic Injectables  

(Neuromodulators) Nuceiva/Xeomin/Dysport: $9/unit Botox $10/unit priced per unit includes full injection service. 

HA Dermal Filler 0.5 ml/mini: $325; $525 1ml **approximate pricing. Tear troughs $550. Consult needed. Bundled pricing available. 

Skin Boosters; starts at $525. Pricing quoted at time of consultation.

Full pricing details in consultation with practitioner. Pricing is based on the overall treatment area and technique needed. Package pricing/ available for large treatments.


Sculptra: starts at $900.  Price quoted at time of consultation. Multiple vial discounts for same treatment.


Radiesse: starts at $650 per syringe. Price quoted at time of consultation. Multiple vial discounts for same treatment.


Filler dissolving: $350 and up depending on treatment area. Price quoted at time of consultation.  Packages available for dissolve and re-fill which a partial payment of filler dissolving fee occurs. 



Exosomes, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), HA (Hyaluronic Acid), ICM (Intelligent Corrective Serums)


Micro-needling facial w/hyaluronic acid: $339; w/PRP or Exosomes: $459

Intelligent Corrective Micro-needling Face w/Any serum: $359

Add on areas: neck/chest/hands: $50 per treatment area


PRP Hair Restoration: $479 per session   

PRP face injections: $389  X1 PRP tube per volume


Medi- Facials: Quote at time of consultation based on skin condition and treatment focus.

Chemical Peels (medical grade exfoliation and treatment facials)

Chemical Peel Regular: $155

Chemical Peel Plus (enhanced products): $170

Chemical Peel Glow : $175


Meso Gold Facials Price starts at $239

$239 for amino acids & vitamins, nucleotides, amino acids (Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and minerals)  

$359 add on basic + Botox (botox facial/glass facial)   


Botox for migraine or hyperhidrosis: $150 INJECTION FEE ONLY and receipt given for any claims*

Sclerotherapy: $225 per session for limited area per 30 minute session. Repeat sessions same fee unless specified.

Medically supervised weight loss consultation: $50.00. Additional fees for ongoing prescribing and health care appointments.


IV Therapy:

Meyers Energy Cocktail/ Farsk Energy $195

Hydrate/Farsk Boost: $115

Liquid Immunity w/Vitamin C/Farsk IV Immune 50 g: $190, 75g $250, 100g $295

Fatigue $195

Liquid Beauty Skin Brightening/Farsk Radiance $225

Glutathione Glow: $150 (mini) and up based on grams

NAD+  $299+ price quoted at time of assessment 

*** Up to 2 week booking time needed to order fresh IV product. Down-payment required. 


Belkyra (deoxycholic acid) fat injections.  Starts at $300 per treatment area and quoted at time of consultation. 


Prices subject to change without notice. Consultation required for most services and full pricing will be detailed in your individual quote. Additional charges may apply based on additional treatment, and may be modified as needed for customization.  





Additional: Primary Care Nurse Practitioner (NP) services are not covered by OHIP. NP services are private pay, fee for service and a receipt will be given. It is up to the client to determine if any fees are covered by submitting to their 3rd party insurance. Direct coverage does apply for some insurance carriers for compression stockings. Registered clients only. New clients must submit request in writing or call the clinic for more information. For reimbursement or special coverage, please check with your insurance provider, as we do not know each insurer policy details.   

NP Fee Schedule


Full physical – includes review/ordering/follow up of screenings (30-45 min): $75

Virtual appointment – 20 min - $40  If requires additional time; additional fee applied at $10/per 15 mins


Episodic Visit (20 min): $35 - Examples: assessments, acute/episodic/chronic illness prescriptions renewals, minor ailments **multiple issues may be charge additional fees


Follow up appointment attached to any procedure/treatment: no cost


Prescription renewals after initial visit: $20


Form completion: WSIB - $50 (Plus Episodic visit). Original assessments only. Repeat forms for same condition/ongoing $35 Drivers Medical Forms $80      Work sick note- $10    1-page forms - $20


Immunizations/Injections (for injection only): $25, If consult is needed to

prescribe injection then add $25. NOTE: we do not carry Public Health Immunizations per the regular schedule. This is for allergy injections, B12, MIC, Vit D, Twinrix


Cervical Cancer Screening (PAP), STI testing, pelvic procedure – (Episodic visit + $35 or Full physical + $25)


Urine testing for UTI, pregnancy: (Episodic issue + $10)


Lab draw/Venipuncture: $75 *Must call for booking, limited times depending on courier pickup.


Referrals to specialists: (Episodic or Full physical + $35).


Punch biopsy: (Episodic + $30/per)


Lesion removal that requires suturing: (Episodic + $100, $10 per additional lesion) includes suture removal follow up.


Cryotherapy: (Episodic x 1 + $20/lesion up to 3 small lesions, $10 thereafter) – No episodic charge for repeat treatments (lesion fee only).


Knee injections (Cortisone): (Episodic + $60 per knee + Rx cost to the client per pharmacy)  (PRP: Episodic +$700 per knee)


Minor Procedures: (Episodic + $50)

Trigger finger injection, Ganglion Cyst Treatment, Plantar Fasciitis Injection, Sublingual hematoma, Nail Avulsion treatment, Epidermoid cyst removal, Olecranon bursitis treatment


Botox: treatment of hyperhidrosis: flat fee: $700; may qualify for Botox Access Program for fee reduction if 3rd party benefits cover. Botox for chronic migraine $150 injection fee. Must bring own Botox and have diagnoses and management by primary care provider.  

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