Medical Grade vs Drug Store Skin Care

If you don’t already know -

Medical grade skin care is the way to go for beautiful skin! Read on to see why!

Medical grade skin care products use highly stabilized, highly active, highly effective ingredients to make sure you are getting the results you deserve. Most medical grade skin care companies will use specific delivery systems to make sure the product penetrates effectively, as well as, uses packaging that enables the product to stay fresher/stable longer (ex. airless pumps, dark glass bottles for vitamin c, minimal jars so you are not cross contaminating with your fingers, slow release technology, encapsulated technology, etc.) These are all ways that medical grade skin care ensures you are getting the most for your money.

Medical grade skin care uses therapeutic doses of active ingredients, this means that they use the recommended amount of dosage that will create change within the skin.

Drugstore companies do something called “angel dusting” where they put a minuscule amount of a certain active ingredient in the product so they can advertise that a certain ingredient is in there even though the amount is so small you will not receive the benefits.

The active ingredients they put into medical grade skin care are required to contain 99% purity of those ingredients, they are tested on this, combined with advanced delivery systems you know that the product is going to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin (the dermis) where it will create real change.

Drugstore skin care is not held to the same standard and is only equipped to sit on the surface of the skin, the activity of the ingredients are not going to penetrate past the dead, surface layers of your skin and into the dermis like medical grade.

Medical grade products are HIGHLY concentrated meaning they will last you LONGER as you only need to use a little bit of the product to obtain the full benefit. Drugstore products use a lot of filler ingredients meaning that you need to use a lot more of the product and you still wont achieve the same benefit in the same amount of time.

Medical grade skin care companies spend money on clinical research to guarantee their products work, they are also required to have these done to support any claims they make about the results of the products vs drugstore that spends money on packaging and scent and who are not held to the same standard and are not required to get testing done.

So stop spending money on products that don’t work, or are superior to medical grade brands. Do your homework - do they support the environment? Is their active ingredient proprietary (they won’t tell you the amount - really)? Is there a wonderful scent in that product (it’s likely not natural and can be very harmful to your skin inclusion sensitivities or possibly cancer causing). Are you okaying for packaging or marketing? (Probably - do they produce clinical research on their products)? You’ll be happier in the end - having skin tha‘a treated properly and saving you wasted money in the end!

Blog post written by Neilena Timmons for Awad Medical

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