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Prarie Bliss Botanicals - Natural & Organic Skin Care

Pure science meets organic skincare.

Awad Medical is a proud retailer of Prairie Bliss Botanicals. Their products are hand crafted in small batches to ensure the utmost care goes into each and every product. With a strong commitment to luxury, only the highest quality organic and remedy based ingredients that are made with love and care are used in their products. That means no drying sulfates, no parabens, no heavy fragrances, no heavy preservatives. Products are made with the belief that they should be mindfully made and luxurious without compromise.

The Prairie Bliss Botanicals foundation has been built upon the highest standards for skincare. Comprised of a team of medical lab technicians, holistic aestheticians, and doctors who continue to learn and expand their knowledge with the newest ingredients and stay connected with the local farmers and suppliers. Prairie Bliss Botanicals aims to minimize packaging, keep local suppliers and farmers in Canada, and use only premium Health Canada approved and organic certified ingredients in each and every product.

Prarie Bliss Botanicals has built a successful skincare business for over 15 years, and thrives on strengthening their foundation in order to satisfy clients with the best skin care experience possible. 

Prarie Bliss Botanicals wants to help you feel and look beautiful!

Check out the Bliss + Bloom Baby Line too! 

Purchase in clinic or online.

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