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Loyalty Program UNTIL DEC 31, 2020

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

My Reward program through Galderma - Restylane & Dysport products is now being offerred at Awad Medical. Get a prepaid Visa gift card, worth 15% of your total purchase price when you use any Restylane or Dysport products for a limited time.


* Rebate is available on Restylane and or Dysport and/or combination of both, same-day purchase. * A minimum spend of $200 is required.

* The minimum daily rebate is $30. * The maximum daily rebate is $225. * Multiple rebates are permitted within promotion timeframe, with a new voucher required. * Each voucher has an exclusive rebate code and is up to the client to apply for.

* The client must apply for the prepaid Visa gift card independently. * Prepaid Visa gift card may be used at any participating location, not just Awad Medical. * May not be combined with any other rewards points program offered through Awad Medical

* Additional terms and limits applied per loyalty program.

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