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DiolazeXL- Diode laser technology by InMode at Awad Medical

Understanding Diode vs IPL Laser Hair Removal

When you book treatment to have unwanted hair removed, you expect to achieve great results and suffer as few side effects as possible. Understanding the technology used in medi-spas for hair removal can be difficult and often misleading, making it hard to know if you’re getting the best value for your money. The most important thing to understand before you book laser hair removal is the difference between IPL laser and diode laser technology.

The Diode Laser Difference

IPL laser (intense pulsed light) is often referred to as laser hair removal but in fact, it is not. A true laser, such as the diode variety, travels along a single, focused wavelength and is able to penetrate the skin deeply to destroy the root of each hair. IPL machines use strong broad spectrum light that does destroy hair roots, however since there are many wavelengths, penetration is not as deep, resulting in uneven results. Also, IPL heats surrounding skin which can lead to greater tissue irritation.

Another major difference between diode laser and IPL laser for hair removal is that laser therapy works on all hair and skin colours while IPL is best-suited to light skin and darker hair. Since IPL lightens the pigment in hair, it can render itself useless over time. Clinical research has proven that diode laser hair removal is more effective and lasts longer than its IPL counterpart.

Great Results with Fewer Side Effects

Don’t be fooled by claims that IPL laser hair removal is faster or better than diode laser technology. DiolazeXL Laser Hair Removal at Awad Medical uses a genuine diode laser technology to give you the great results you wish to achieve with fewer side effects. And our laser hair removal does up to skin type VI.

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