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Beauty Marks
Loyalty Rewards Program
Beauty Marks Loyalty Rewards
It's more beauty with more benefits!


Beauty Marks Rewards Program

At Awad Medical Aesthetics & Wellness we like to reward our clients for their loyalty. We currently offer a fun and simple reward & loyalty programs that pay you back for using the products and services you love the most!

• Join for FREE

• Benefit immediately

• FREE Birthday gift 

• Enjoy more perks year-round (Double Rewards Day, Bonus Rewards)

• Earn points for medi-spa services

• Earn points for every retail in-clinic purchase


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How Does It Work?

Clients may be given a physical card in clinic or register via the mobile app. Beauty Marks are then tracked electronically. A client must register their card for complete activation, otherwise points will not be tracked or found in the electronic database.


The mobile app is available now on the respective app store:

Google Play:


Clients earn Beauty Marks (Loyalty Rewards) on applicable in-clinic services, treatments, and services.  Clients may redeem at anytime or collect throughout the year and use at any point they decide.  Terms and conditions apply to Beauty Marks according to the parameters they were rewarded. Clients stay in the appropriate tier once they hit a threshold - it is not dependant on whether or not they've redeemed their balance. The earn rate would remain the same, appropriate to the earn tier the customer currently sits in.The spend is automatically calculated based on the calendar year. At the end of every calendar year if the client has maintained their spend they will stay in that tier. If they have fallen below the threshold of their respective tier they will drop to the one that is appropriate.


EXCLUSIONS in brief. Entire policy see below.

Beauty Marks Loyalty Rewards (points) may not be REWARDED OR REDEEMED for or used as legal tender for the purchase of: gift cards, gift with purchase, prescriptions, medications, health care related products, medical-based services, professional nursing services (cosmetic injections, sclerotherapy, PRP, etc), or any other products or services that we may specific from time to time.  Points are not transferrable or redeemed for cash or credit or gift cards. As per laws, guidelines and rules per Health Canada Advertising Guidelines, Ackroo Rewards Program and the College of Nurses of Ontario and the Ontario Superior Court.


Rewards points may expire for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to time, program in which they were awarded, inactivity, etc and at the full discretion of Awad Medical Aesthetics & Wellness and/or Ackroo. According to Bill 47: Ontario Rewards Points Regulations, Ontario Regulation 388/17, Protecting Rewards Points Act (Consumer Protection Amendment 2016 Act.

Clients can sign up using the links:

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