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Natural & Organic Skin Care Prodcuts Available In Clinic & Online

Prarie Bliss Botanicals!

Pure science meets ORGANIC skin care! With product offerings for adults, teens and babies!! Plus - Canadian made!

The Prairie Bliss Botanicals foundation has been built upon the highest standards for skincare.

Developed by a team of medical lab technicians, holistic aestheticians, and doctors, Prarie Bliss Botanicals uses the newest ingredients theough connectioons with key farmers and suppliers. Prairie Bliss Botanicals aims to minimize packaging, keep local suppliers and farmers in Canada, and uses only premium Health Canada approved and organic certified ingredients in each and every product. Prarie Bliss Botanicals thrives on strengthening their foundation in order to satisfy our clients with the best skin care experience possible. 

Awad Medical Aesthetics & Wellness chose this company to work with because we share the same philosophy ~ “We are here to help you feel and look beautiful”!

Want to learn more about these products - visit

In-clinic products available.

Or order online - be sure to use our affiliate store for special savings - FREE SHIPPING!

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