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PRP - Platelet Rich Plasma

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

What is PRP?

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

In the aesthetic world, PRP is a method used for facial rejuvenation, to treat various skin conditions such as aging (wrinkles, stretching), scarring (acne, surgical), hyper-pigmentation, and hair loss. It is commonly used to treat neck, decollete, hands, torso, arms, legs and scalp (for hair restoration) areas.

PRP is a procedure where your own platelet rich plasma is collected and then applied after it is processed. Your body’s very own and natural stem cells and growth factors are collected via a blood sample, then spun (processed) in a centrifuge. Just like the process that happens if you ever get blood work. You don’t see the behind the scenes spinning then - but you will get to witness the whole process at Awad Medical! The stem cells and growth factors are drawn out and then directly applied to the dermis (skin), at varying levels, done with a needle or a medical grade micro-needling device that creates microscopic entry points at key treatment areas.

Usually anywhere between 2-6 treatments are needed for procedures and the effects last for several months depending on the age and condition of the skin and the amount of treatments done. Maintenance thereafter is an an annual or semi-annual basis.

For micro-needling, Awad Medical uses the Innopen device, a Health Canada approved product. Micro-needling is a non-surgical and non-ablative procedure used for the aforementioned treatment areas. The Innopen device is very safe and has a unique aeration feature that reduces potential scarring compared to similar products. Sometimes clients elect to use hyaluronic acid, instead of PRP for this treatment - which gives similar effects.

Which body parts can be treated?

Face, neck, chest/décolleté, hands, torso, arms, legs and scalp (for hair restoration) can be treated.

How does PRP work?

The essence of PRP is to activate a chain reaction in purpose of creating collagen and boosting metabolism for which growth factors are responsible for. Stem cells are the basic type of cell from which other body cells were made and can be transformed into any other cell type. PRP significantly stimulates the production of new collagen and boosts metabolism because of stem cells. This is followed by a strong rejuvenation and regeneration. Your skin will heal from all previous damages and become thicker, more resilient and stronger. If injected superficially PRP mesotherapy rejuvenates the skin and if injected into the deeper layers retrieves lost volume. This method is suitable for smaller volume losses while for bigger ones a PRP treatment is used. Because of the strong rejuvenating effect your skin looks fresher and retrieves that prior glow. The sole structure and skin quality improves greatly with this treatment!

What can I expect from a PRP treatment?

Best rejuvenating method for the area around one's eyes (especially tear troughs and dark under eye circles). Removal of a tired, lifeless facial look Strong skin rejuvenation and regeneration effectShiny, thicker and more resilient skinReduction of smaller to moderately severe nasolabial wrinkles, wrinkles around the eyes and on the neckReduction of dark circles/pigmentation around the eyesRemoval of smaller to moderately severe skin scarsImprovement of skin moistnessVolume correction with smaller to moderately severe volume loss    Reduces pore size Helps pigmentation issues cause by sun damage.

How many treatments are needed?

The number of treatments depends on the skin condition and/or area of the treatment. With younger people usually just 1 treatment is enough. If the skin is severely damaged or the changes are strongly accentuated, 2-6 serial treatments are needed. The interval between the treatments should be 4-6 (or more) weeks. The purpose is for skin proliferation and maturation (new tissue formation and collagen stimulation) to occur, which generally takes 21-28 days on average.

When do the initial effects start to show?

Usually 1-2 months are needed for initial results. The treatment starts a cascade chain reaction of collagen production and it needs time to become visible. As time moves on the started reaction is stronger and the results will be more visible. The reaction cannot be sped up. 

To whom do we recommend PRP?

Younger people who suffered greater sun damagesFor those who wish to remove the tired and lifeless facial lookFor reduction of smaller and moderate wrinkles around the eyesFor reduction of pigmentation around the eyesTo people who want an efficient aging preventionFor rejuvenation of face, neck, hands/fists and decolleteFor aging prevention.

What are the advantages of the PRP?

Except for the long lasting effects the treatment has a skin regeneration effect as well. The method is 100% safe because it is done with your own blood. Apart from volume correction and the development of new collagen the skin is rejuvenated because of stem cells. The results lasts up to 2 years but deviations are possible depending on the skin condition and your compliance with skin care instructions. This method rejuvenates skin, especially the hands, neck and décolleté area, as these are the areas that are most difficult to treat.

Are there any side-effects?

Apart from minor bruises and short term swelling, there are no side-effects. 

Is the treatment painful?

The treatment is generally painless but minor discomfort around the eyes and thin tissue/body areas is possible. Awad Medical uses a topical anaesthetic cream to reduce potential pain for the procedure.

Who is not suitable for PRP?

Pregnant womenPeople with autoimmune diseasesPeople with liver diseasesPeople under anti coagulation therapyPeople with coagulation disorders.

According to volume PRP is divided into:

MINI treatment area (for smaller areas)

MIDI treatment (enough for the whole facial area)

BIGGIE treatment (along with the face, neck, decollete and/or hands).

Prices start at $300 and are based on your FREE consultation and quote!

Have other questions?

Ask Cathy Awad, MN, NP (PHC)

Nurse Practitioner, Certified Cosmetic Injector and member of the Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine

Owner and Medical Director of Awad Medical Aesthetics & Wellness

Tele: 519-792-0306


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